Team Speed Camp

Team Speed Camp will focus on explosion, speed, power and competitiveness. We'll put your team through the most productive speed curriculum in the country, Ubrzati Speed System. This proven has science-based results. Each athlete will be a different play in just 4 weeks. 
You'll have to option for your team to come two times or three times per week. Each session will have a maximum of 10 athletes per group. Sessions are 60 minutes.
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*Ask about our in-season speed maintenance program

Camp Information
When: 7/5 - 7/23
Time: slots still available  12:30p, 1:45p,  3:00p (each session is 60 minutes)  
Where: 3333 Old Milton Parkway Alpharetta, GA 30005 


2x per week
7/5 - 7/23
Per 10 athletes

3x per week
7/5 - 7/23
Per 10 athletes


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