Speed & Agility

9th Grade & Up

The Athlete Factory! The name speaks for itself. We built athletes for football by using a combination: speed training, position specific agility training. Our method is proven to increase linear and lateral speed, improve explosion and most importantly, confidence.

Just Speed

9th Grade & Up

30 minutes of intense speed training on our patented, high performance treadmill. This program is scientifically proven to increase speed, explosion and power. This program also increases overall body strength, which makes it great for boys and girls of all sports. YOU WILL GET FASTER! 


High School Football

This is a program that offers college level position specific coaching. Every player will learn division 1 technique and knowledge of their respective football position. Those that understanding every aspect of the game will perform at their highest potential. 


4 Sessions $140

2 Sessions $80

1 Session $50

Sessions expire 30 days from first session.

Siblings get 50% discount on Packs if used at the same time. Siblings may also share any Pack  

385 Ebenezer Rd

Roswell GA 30075