Overspeed Training

Overspeed training is an effective method to recruit new muscle tissue to enhance athletic performance. Overspeed method is when an athlete's body, or parts of their body, move at a rate of speed greater than their regular competitive speed. As the athlete is training at the higher speed new muscle motor units are engage within the same muscle tissue, resulting in an increase in power and speed. The Athlete Factory uses the UbrZati Speed System for overspeed protocols. All speed & agility packages include the UbrZati overspeed system. 

What is UbrZati?

UbrZati is a set of scientifically developed protocols that have been refined and perfected over the last 20+ years to rapidly develop athletes beyond their normal capabilities. The UbrZati Speed System builds SUSTAINABLE speed, power and endurance, in addition to developing optimal running form.  In a short period of time athletes will experience an increase their peak performance while reducing the chance of injury in the field of play. 

  • Science-Based Protocols 

  • Proven Results (increased speed, power & vertical)

  • Long Term Results

  • Improved Confidence