Thinking of working out at the athlete factory? As a father that has 2 of his 3 sons playing D-1 sports. Bret gets results and it pays off short term and long term for your son or daughter. For his dedication, knowledge of sports and commitment to results his process works.  

                                                                                                                                J. Bertrand

My son had a great High School career & an even better College career thanks to Bret. Bret teaches the proper training methods . More importantly he teaches those techniques that will take your child to the next level.
                                                                                                                                                                                               Richard Brandeis

Bret has trained my son for football and my daughter for basketball, and WOW what a difference his training has made!  Not only did my kids develop more strength and better agility but they were both instructed and  inspired to continue to use the skills Bret taught them to really grow as athletes.  I couldn’t be happier!





My children have trained with Bret for various sports over the course of 8 years. My 17 year old started to work with Bret when he was in 3rd grade and Bret helped to improve his running form and speed as well as work on agility, strengthening and sports specific training in football and soccer.  More recently he has been working with my 9 year old daughter in relation to her agility, movement and sports specific training for tennis.  Bret is an amazing man with outstanding ethics, builds trust with his clients and provides exceptional technique and knowledge across all aspects of training. I highly recommend Bret & The Athlete Factory.

Heather Z